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Employees may sue their employer for many different reasons. It is not typical to sue an employer but sometimes it happens. It’s a good idea to hire a lawyer if you plan to sue an employer. They make the situation much easier and far less stressful. But exactly what are some of the reasons you’d sue an employer?


One of the biggest reasons for suing an employer is injuries that were caused on the job. Although many companies offer workers comp insurance, it sometimes isn’t enough or mishaps standing the way of getting the compensation you deserve. In such a situation, suing employer for injury is something to consider.

Unfair Discipline

It is easy for things to get out of control in the heat of the moment, even when it is your employer. However, when unfair discipline takes place, there may be a lawsuit on the employers head in the near future.

Illegal Termination

suing employer for injury

Illegal termination is another cause to sue an employer. What is an illegal termination? Perhaps you were fired after you reported misconduct within the agency or with a supervisor. Maybe you were terminated due to sexual orientation, race, or other discriminatory practices. You can sue an employer if you are fired for such reasons.

Pay Issues

There are many pay issues that may result in a lawsuit. Perhaps your employer has docked pay for reasons that are not legal. Maybe you are not being paid for working overtime. These are only a couple of situations in which you may need to file a pay issue lawsuit.

This isn’t a complete list of reasons why someone may want to sue their employer, but is a look at the most common reasons. Talk to a lawyer if suing an employer is something that you think needs to be done.