Were you once upon a time, to put it mildly, a naughty child? If so, you may have been guilty of a few unspeakable offenses. Like snipping off the neighbor’s precious roses with a pair of your mom’s sewing scissors. Or setting fire to your dad’s toolshed. Or shoplifting down at the corner store on your late home way from school. You got away with murder. Or you were caught. Of course, if it should ever happen, the shoplifting defense denville nj procedure that you would have to go through as an adult is probably going to be a lot more humiliating.

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The humiliation is one thing, and guilty offenders in their moments of madness often irrationally forget about such prospects, but the potentially lifelong blemish to your record is quite another. Even if the offense was ‘light’ and the item that was lifted from the supermarket shelf was of little value to all others and its accumulation, the guilty offender is stuck with a criminal record for a considerable amount of time.

This makes applying for jobs in the future quite challenging. After all, what potential employer would want to take on someone who having done so before, could potentially steal from him. If not that, he has the recorded characteristics of being a dishonest person. It can take years for a once-off offender to redeem himself. He may well be honest and filled with integrity but the challenge lies in convincing others that he is so.

The legal route could be of assistance, but only up to a point. All hinges on the discretion and fair judgment of the presiding judge or magistrate. Some even argue that this depends too on what mood he is in.